Honest, thoughtful and simple.
This is the attitude I have cultivated for over two decades to guide my design and my life.

My work spans many disciplines.
I’ve built real world structures, including experimental housing and a museum, led the ground-breaking development of world’s first digital city, art-directed dozens of successful architectural projects, and coded virtual experiences from websites to interactive installations, video games and business apps for top companies worldwide.

Museum Macura (Belgrade, 2008)
with I.Kucina and V. Macura

As an architect, I observe and react to how people use space, especially the activities emerging unexpectedly outside of designed intentions.

Museum Macura is a result of a participative design process in which the unforeseen new quality emerged when the building ceased to be a mere object and became a catalyst for social interaction.

"...The result is an antidote
to the often sterile and commercial
art-gallery environment."
Frame Magazine on Museum Macura
issue #72, pages 123-126
Casa Mancic (Belgrade, 2002-2008)
with I. Kucina

My greatest success in architecture was to free myself from formal dogma and to design to embrace the unexpected.

Casa Mancic is a contradictory self-sustainable family home inspired by nature and sci-fi B-movies. It embodies the dual mentality of its owners that combines the calm spirituality of the Eastern Asia with the stubborn practicality of Eastern Europe.

I call this house a case study of a mix-tech architecture: a hybrid of digital design tools and locally available traditional knowledge of contruction, materials and energy preservation.

X-Forest Art Installation
New La Fe Hospital (Valencia, 2012)
with J.Vilar and J.La Costa

When I achieved that, my designs gained life on their own and started to matter in people’s private and social lives.

Can art in hospitals give comfort to patients?
Yes it can, at least according to the study conducted to measure the impact of X-Forest, an art installation we’ve created in the waiting rooms of the New La Fe Hospital in Valencia.

This humble intervention uses mirrors and lenticular prints to create a magic-like experience: an ice-breaker that gives rise to friendly conversations among family and strangers alike, easing the sense of loneliness and uncertainty that usually mark visits to hospitals.

Semana De La Arquitectura (Valencia, 2008)
graphic identity, with BG Studio

Gradually, my interest turned towards studying and designing interaction itself.

Hole as a logo.
This award-winning graphic identity of Valencia’s annual festival of architecture was created by cutting a void in a shape of an empty slide frame that captures the views of the city architecture seen trough it.

This makes the logo more than a mere graphic sign – it becomes a simple device to experience architecture in a new, more focused way.

I now design and code software tools that help businesses improve efficiency and communication.

In collaboration with Steelblue, I designed and developed an iPad app that playfully visualizes complex construction data of the new Apple Campus 2 designed by Foster and Partners.

The app was instrumental in helping our clients, DPR and Skanska, bid, win and build this multi-billion dollar building project.

"I think we have a shot at
building the best office building in the world."
Steve Jobs
Ceremonia Animal Interactive Poetry App (2014)
with R. Álvarez, N. Mata Portillo, J. Álvarez et al.

Partnered with writers, poets, film makers and musicians, I produce and publish interactive art pieces to contribute more culture to AppStores.

Welcome to Ceremonia Animal that takes place in the passionate and intense world of poet Rocío Álvarez Albizuri. Her poetry is brought to life by tactile interplay of words, symbols, video and music.

"... exceeds what we so far have known as a book:
be it paper or digital."
- Yorokobu review of Ceremonia Animal

I love making things, but equally enjoy teaching and inspiring others to reach their creative potential.

I tend to push myself into unknown territories, so learning and teaching is an integral part of my design work and a foundation to my professional and personal growth. Tutoring may take many forms, but it is always a two-way process, whether it’s talking to clients, peers, collaborators or my students at IE Faculty of Architecture.

Are you in for a ride?

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Meanwhile, have a nice day.
Nenad Katić